Soundronic's new audiovisual presentation, pulsar, combines and explores two of his greatest passions: astrophysics and psychedelia. The audio component is divided into two sections which correspond to two revised and extended versions of the tracks "hori" and "kono", from the album "forma". The driving force behind these two songs is basic composition: a short loop of noise is modulated by a few parameters on a few effects (such as delays or echo senders). The result is a subtle but immersive feedback. Terms like "radiation", "rotation", "dense", and "periodic" used to define a pulsar (pulsating radio star) also lend themselves to this lysergic sound. In addition, the audio-reactive visuals evoke a self-conceived cosmos, a universe illuminated by a precise, pulsating light. - pulsar´s premiere took place on 14 May at Spektrum, Berlin - video pulsar #1

pulsar 37´|30´´